We imagined a different kind of vibration dampener. This dampener was designed with a high quality silicone to create an optimal flexibility. Along with a unique shape, it is resistant, long-lasting, and will never fall off the tennis racket.

Stays on the racket

Once fixed on your racket, it won't move anymore! Its unique design makes it hold on your racket even when the strings break. No more lost dampeners on the court!

Optimal Schock Absorption

Thanks to its wide-angle design, our dampener matches your needs. Shocks are up to 3 times more reduced compared to a standard vibration dampener. Can be used to prevent tennis-elbow injury.

High Quality Silicone

With its heavy duty silicone, our vibration dampener is ultra-flexible, an essential quality to soften the "pop" noise from the strikes : all your shots will be silenced.

About ClipMe

Need more details? Please check our product page for detailed information on how to use ClipMe.

ClipMe in 7 colours

Pick the colour that matches your taste

What customers say

We are very proud of our products and services but the best reward to us is the feedback of our customers. We constantly try to use them to improve our brand.


Professional Stringer & Coach (Germany)

"I find them relatively perfect. The silicone is very good. The dampener fits perfectly and does his job as you expect. I think they look good too."



Young Talent (France)

"Perfect! Easy to install and adapted for both pro and players suffering from arm pain. I use them all the time and I am very satisfied. They are good looking and necessary to train for several hours in a row."